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Grow Your Business
Online Grant

Are you looking to boost your business to the next level in this digital era? We can help you navigate the Canadian Digital Adoption Plan (CDAP) with ease. We are Digital Adoption Specialist in partnership with the Certified CDAP Advisor Digital Maturity Group, and we are looking forward to helping you take advantage of this program.

What is the Grow your business online grant?

After the Covid pandemic, it became painfully clear that small businesses in Canada needed more support improving their competitiveness through the use of digital marketing strategy and technology. Enter the Canadian Government. The Government of Canada acknowledged this need through the development of the Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). It’s a $4 BILLION dollar initiative that provides hands-on support with the implementation of essential technology upgrades and digital marketing strategies. There are multiple streams of the grant you may qualify for, but this how-to guide will focus specifically on the Grow Your Business Online (GYBO) Micro-Grant. As is common with most grants, it is given on a first-come first serve basis.

Am I eligible for the this grant?

These are the 2 qualifiers:

  1. Over $30,000 in total sales.
  2. Atleast one employee on payroll.

Is registered or incorporated

Is for-profit and consumer-facing

Commits to maintaining their digital
adoption strategy for (6) months

How does the
program work?

Reimbursement of $2400- The CDAP Micro-Grant is a reimbursement meaning that you are only reimbursed for costs after the grant approval date. Applicants are reimbursed up to $2,400 (not including tax) via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • Businesses must spend and provide
    receipts of costs before reimbursement is
  • Reimbursement for eligible expenses of
    $2400 once receipt is provided.

Eligible costs for the grant

What you'll need to get started

Before you sit down to complete the application, make sure you have the following information or items on hand:


Business Registration Number


GST/HST Number

(if you have one)


Annual Revenue Reports


Digital Copy of Business Registration or Articles of Incorporation

The application process itself should take you approximately
20 – 30 minutes

What to expect after you finish your application


You receive an email from SBAB that your
intake form has been accepted


You will then be asked to schedule a
one-hour consultation with a
government-provided e-commerce advisor

(not to be confused with a CDAP digital advisor)

  • In this first consultation, you will talk about your business goals, the CDAP
    Dashboard, and a review of your Digital Assessment. The conversation will
    include an overview of the micro-grant process, resources, and answer any
    questions you’ll have on eligible costs and help you prepare a proposal on how
    to spend the funds.


Once your proposal has been submitted,
you’ll have 90 days to submit the spending
plan and get reimbursed

How to get started

If you want to get started on your application, use this link below

Or, give us a call at 780-446-9205
or book a call using this tool and we will help you get
started with your application

Ready to start your digital transformation?

Digitize Media is here to help. Our team of CDAP advisors have one mission: to help you get your CDAP funding and get the most out of it. Get in touch with us today to start your digital adoption plan and learn more about our expert support.
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